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VPS Benefits

Quality and Experience

Over 10 years of experience in designing & building dozens of city-wide & county-wide wireless camera networks for police/sheriff departments, businesses and housing authorities throughout the southeast.

"The cameras were so clear we were able to get a tag number and a visual. Without the cameras it almost would have been impossible to find the suspect."


-St, Augustine Police Officer Dee Brown

Attractive Amenities

This new technology will enable your property management team to take a more proactive role in affecting better asset protection and a heightened sense of safety for all tenants on your property(s).  This will be an attractive security amenity which will give you a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Crime Reduction

A substantial reduction in crime will be achieved on your property(s) as a direct result of your decision to deploy this advanced wireless camera technology and Video Patrolling Service.

Deterrent Value

Deterrent value is derived from the highly visible outdoor wireless cameras deployed, plus signage that can be posted across the property saying "monitored video cameras in operation".  Word-of-mouth spreads to residents and visitors about their effectiveness.

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