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The primary Benefit of having VPS “RTCC-Powered outdoor wireless cameras” deployed across any business property is……Crime Reduction!!


There is a combination of RTCC technology features and related factors that produce this property crime reduction result:

Deterrents – immediate visual deterrents are established as soon as your new outdoor security cameras are displayed across the property. What follows next is a strong “word-of-mouth” deterrence is developed between your property residents and their visitors (invited or uninvited), once successful apprehensions & prosecutions for crimes committed on the property become generally known.


911 Call Response Efficiencies – because RTCC technology gives 911 dispatchers immediate access to “live” & recorded video from all outdoor wireless security cameras across the property, it enables them to analyze & report to their in-route officer(s) before reaching the property. Arriving onsite with better “situational awareness” not only prepares them for what to expect, but improves “officer safety” as well.

Each 911 dispatcher’s video analysis gives them the opportunity to reassess their original manpower allocation on that particular call-for-service response. If required, they can then quickly dispatch additional resources to the scene.


911 dispatchers often send officers pertinent video screenshots and/or video clips, including License Plate Reader (LPR) tag capture & vehicle profile information. For those LPR camera customers who also chose the ALPR (Automated LPR) option, dispatchers will alert officer(s) about outstanding warrants, stolen car reports, etc., which are instantly identified during their national criminal database searches.

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