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Design & Deployment

The first step is to schedule a Zoom Meeting (about 30-45’) for all the key parties to collaborate with a VPS Design Engineer on Google Earth Pro to assess their priority property(s) together, and to reach a consensus on their preferred camera coverage. All specific camera locations will be pinpointed, along with each individual camera’s best field-of-view (FOV), camera mounting decisions made for VPS installers, and all power provisioning requirements will be made and documented by VPS, then sent to their electrician.


Also, VPS designs and optimizes the most efficient radio network across the property to bring all “police-quality” camera video traffic back into the centralized Network Video Recorder (NVR) in the office area (for “live” cameras streams and recorded/stored video), at a quality level that always meets our stringent wireless network engineering specifications. Furthermore, we must also maintain those video quality standards through the customer-provided internet connection, where that same video stream will then be concurrently transmitted out to the agency’s RTCC facility at their 911/Dispatch Center, to the Agency’s RTCC Provider’s Network Operations Center (NOC), and to the VPS Network Operations Center (NOC) for remote-maintenance & other RTCC support purposes.


After the Zoom call, VPS documents the decisions reached, completes the camera coverage design & VPS price quote, before sending out within 24 hours.


Due to VPS unprecedented product engineering & field test collaboration with each of the “Top 3 RTCC technology providers,” along with having our own proprietary VPS 7.0 technology, we are a uniquely qualified company to install our “RTCC-Powered” outdoor wireless camera networks across your property(s), regardless of where they may be located, and which RTCC technology platform their local agency has already adopted or will adopt in the future.

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