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About Us


Video Patrolling Services (VPS) is a TEI Innovations company. They are both headquartered in the Charlotte area.


TEI Innovations is a 40+ year old IP wireless data network engineering company, which launched a series of successful wireless technology “startup” companies during that period. Each of those companies was formed and brought to market in response to either a recent wireless technology breakthrough or FCC regulatory change. VPS is a company that was inspired by a new FCC deregulation order. It was originally financed by TEI Innovations and launched in June of 2008 by Bob Dunlap and his oldest son Billy Dunlap.


New Business Strategy:

After 15 years of strictly developing and selling VPS’ proprietary outdoor wireless camera network products and services to our local law enforcement customers, TEI Innovations announced a new VPS national business strategy on January 1, 2023. That new strategic direction resulted from the emergence of a recent technology breakthrough, one that made Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) technology for their 911/Dispatch Centers affordable for virtually any size local law enforcement agency in the country.


In the past, of the 21,000 police and sheriff agencies in the U.S., less than 100 agencies were able to justify the extraordinary upfront and ongoing cost for establishing and maintaining an onsite RTCC platform for their 911/Dispatch operation. This new, "cloud-based" RTCC technology was developed and brought to market three years ago by several new RTCC providers, and since has proven to be the inexpensive “game-changer” law enforcement hoped it would become.


It has also proven to be a real game-changer for VPS, as we joined with our law enforcement customers to become “early adopters” of this new technology. Over a two (2) year period, VPS and our customers conducted extensive field testing with each of what are now the “Top 3 RTCC technology providers" in the country. Those software/hardware development and integration projects were conducted not only to test the performance of each of their respective RTCC technologies, but to certify that our VPS 6.0 proprietary wireless camera technology would work seamlessly with each of their service offerings.


When those three test projects were successfully completed by mid-2022, VPS and our law enforcement customers had already realized we could serve them better as a partner, developing new camera coverage areas for businesses inside their jurisdictions, rather than just being their vendor. Therefore, on January 1, 2023, VPS made our new, national business strategy announcement, along with breaking the news on the release of our new VPS 7.0 technology upgrade.


VPS 7.0 is essentially the “RTCC-Powered” outdoor wireless camera product line we had been developing over the last 2.5 years, while working directly with each of the major RTCC providers. This all means VPS, and our nationwide Sales Partners, are now in a unique marketing and sales position. We not only have the only proven, proprietary outdoor wireless camera network product on the market, we are also fully certified for any RTCC provider our business property customer’s local agency may already have in operation or will be installing in the future.


This is particularly meaningful to apartment owners & property management companies, with many geographically dispersed properties across the country, and would prefer to be served by one nationwide provider. VPS is now uniquely qualified to play that role.


In VPS’ new role with law enforcement, we believe our highest priority is to deliver “new outdoor camera coverage areas” to our agency partner’s RTCC. In their jurisdictions, VPS Sales will not typically be targeting local businesses with existing camera systems, especially those with indoor, hard-wired systems. However, VPS will always remain available to our agency partners to assess and offer solutions for those existing camera systems the agency doesn’t believe currently meet their RTCC’s video quality and/or camera coverage standards. VPS will always be available for any VPS 7.0 outdoor wireless camera design & deployment opportunities that may come up with their local municipal & county government owned properties (e.g. Parks, School grounds, parking lots, etc. (see Markets).

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