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The following is a breakdown of the two technologies that make up VPS’ “unique combination” of technologies that enable us to deliver “RTCC-Powered” outdoor wireless cameras to a wide range of outdoor business applications identified within virtually every community. (See “Markets”).


The Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) portion of these combined technologies is always acquired and managed by the local government’s law enforcement agency, as part of their public safety commitment to serve all businesses and residents within their local community. VPS typically already has local law enforcement agency business relationships established before contacting local property owners and/or property management companies.


VPS 7.0 is a proprietary outdoor, radio-driven, “police-quality” security camera network technology. VPS has specialized in, and predominantly installs, outdoor property-wide wireless cameras. However, when required, VPS will also install and integrate a limited number of indoor, hard-wired security cameras within their wireless camera network engineering designs & installations.


To learn more about the VPS Design & Deployment process, along with what the next required steps are to quickly receive your priority property(s)’ custom-designed camera coverage layout and price quote for “RTCC-Powered” outdoor wireless cameras Click Here:

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