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Up-Time Monitoring

Assures better continuity of Service and faster Restoral-of-Service when Service Outages do occur.

VPS’ Network Operations Center (NOC) detects and sends an outage alert to our network engineer to begin the Service Restoral process when any wireless camera network component fails.


Customers are also notified when each Service Outage is detected.

VPS monitors and maintains a smooth remote-viewing process for all live cameras and recorded video playback through the high-speed internet connection provided into the NVR by the Customer for all the remote devices utilized by the different parties authorized by the Customer to have these Remote-Viewing access privileges. 

Remote-Viewing Management

Remote Maintenance

Upon receiving an outage alert, the NOC engineer follows VPS’ Standard Service Restoral Procedures protocol, using our proprietary remote-diagnostic tools to analyze the problem(s) and restore service.


Historically, over 75% of all Service Outage Tickets are cleared by the NOC without the extra charge of a visit to the Property by a technician.


Therefore, a typical VPS Customer experiences less down-time and spends less money to manage their video surveillance systems than is typically required

Available Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm to assist customers with the following:

  • Pulling Video Clips

  • Distributing Video Clips

  • Installing Remote-Viewing application on customers' smartphones & mobile devices

  • User Training & Re-training

Help Desk
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