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Video Patrolling Services (VPS) is a wireless IP data network company that has specialized in the design and deployment of VPS proprietary outdoor wireless camera networks for our local law enforcement partners for over 15 years. Those hundreds of outdoor wireless camera networks range from city-wide (Police), county-wide (Sheriffs), to property-wide deployments (“Affordable” apartments, Public Housing Authorities (PHAs), all types of MDU’s & other business properties “Markets”).


Over the last two years, affordable Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) technology has emerged and is being rapidly adopted by our local police & sheriff agency partners as a potential game-changing enhancement for their 911/Dispatch Centers. During this period, VPS and our local agency partners have conducted field tests inside active RTCC jurisdictions in the NC Triad area to confirm that RTCC technology, if properly deployed, will dramatically reduce crime across their worst properties.


RTCC technology enables 911 dispatchers taking calls from a property with existing outdoor security cameras to immediately view their “live video” camera streams and playback recorded video from across the property. They are then able to analyze the video and report their current situational assessment (including pertinent screenshots & video clips) to their in-route officer(s) before they arrive on the scene.


For each local agency’s RTCC to reach its’ full crime-reduction potential, currently sparse outdoor camera coverage inside their jurisdiction must be substantially expanded. In fact, for each local business property to qualify for the agency’s free RTCC Program, they must first have “Police-Quality” outdoor wireless cameras in place or be prepared to install them. With our new, proprietary VPS 7.0 “RTCC-Powered” outdoor wireless camera technology (including License Plate Reader (LPR) exit cameras), VPS is a uniquely qualified partner to provide these highly specialized, property-wide design & deployments at very affordable prices.


To learn more please watch this short VPS YouTube video:

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